Monday, 30 December 2013

♥ What i do when i need some 'me' time ♥

As it's just been Christmas and all of my family know how much of a product junkie I am, they all brought me things they know I haven't tried before. A lot of bath bombs, new skin care products and a hell of a lot of nail varnishes.
So as its a Sunday instead of staying in bed all day( this did happen for a majority of today but I was tired) I decided to have some 'me' time and relax with a nice long bubble bath. Here are some things I do when I have my own at home pamper sessions. Hope you enjoy reading this and you can have your own pamper evening.

♥Pamper night starts here♥

1. The first thing is run into the bathroom and turn on your bath, put you're favourite bubble in. Add your own bath bombs/ bath ballistics and wait for your bath to run. One of my favourite bath bombs for a pamper night are fun ones from lush that turn your bath all different colours( I'm a cheap date, easily amused ) 
2. Grab your phone and put your favourite album or songs on and just relax in the bath for as long as you want. Do not let anyone disturb you, its 'me' time for a reason. I have a playlist on my phone called 'bath songs' but I'm normal I promise. Little Mix, One Direction and Union J are my favourites to listen to at the moment. I also like to read my favourite book or my favourite fanfic.

3. After you get out of the bath, now is your chance to use all of those products your family got you. Moisturize like crazy anything to make your skin feel like a baby's bottom, now is your chance. 
5. Put something extremely comfortable on. Over sized tops, jumpers and onsies are perfect.
4. After all that is done, grab your laptop(resist the temptation to just scroll through twitter and tumblr, okay do that for a bit) After you've finished on twitter and tumblr, go onto Netflix, YouTube and just put something to keep you entertained.
6. Now I love painting my nails, every time you see me they will most probably be a different colour to the time before. So this is the time that I choose to do that. Here do what ever interests you. Watch a movie, read, paint your nails, whatever amuses you.
This is one of my basic pamper nights. I also like to do face masks or face treatments
depending on my skin at that time, hair treatments to make my hair super shiny and soft, light some candles make it feel all cosy and grab my favourite movie to watch all snuggled up. Everyone needs nights like these especially after a busy week or a busy day. Let me know what your favourite pamper essentials are? I'm always after some products to try out.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Paige x

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