Sunday, 18 August 2013

♥ Favourites so far this month: August ♥

So to ease me into the whole blogging thing, I shall be speaking about some of my favourites throughout this month. I know we are only half way through the month but I have a variety to talk about all ready.

Beauty Favourites

My first beauty favourite is this foundation I have been loving. It is by Rimmel London and is the Wake me up foundation. This foundation is very dewy and gives you a very nice glow after using it. It has very good coverage and the colour matching it spot on. I don't think i will be changing foundations anytime soon.

My second beauty favourite is my Barry M Gelly nail polishes. Barry m has always been my favourite nail brand, but no brand can beat these Gelly nail polishes. If you take your time these honestly look like you have been to a salon to get them done. My favourite one is in the colour 'Grapefruit, number 324' and is a very pretty pink colour.

My third beauty favourite is a hair product. Now dry shampoo has been a life saver these past months . My favourite one is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. The fruity and cheeky cherry one is my favourite scent. I have gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff and it still remains one of my favourites. It adds volume and eliminates any oil that is on show. All round a very good product for all hair types.

My fourth and my last beauty product is a moisturiser I have been using. I started using this half way through July. At first I didn't like it, but now I'm really enjoying using it and can see a massive difference in my skin. It's by simple and it's the Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. I use this before I put my make up on, just before my primer and it makes my foundation look even more flawless. I can even sometimes miss out the primer step, which is sometimes very necessary when I'm in a rush.

All four beauty products I really recommend, all at very cheap prices aswell and can be found at most drugstores.

Random Favourites

My food favourite is a costa drink. It is the, white chocolate and raspberry creamy cooler. They are so creamy and refreshing and a very good treat to have. Costa is one of my favourite places to go as we don't have a Starbucks near us and that is a favourite of mine as well. I have been recently going to
costa a lot with my mum just for some bonding time, and this drink is what I get nearly every single time.

Another food favourite is my favourite ice creams. I haven't been eating many of these recently because I have been healthy eating for my holiday that's coming up. But when I fancied a treat this is what I'd had. Nobbly Bobblys. There isn't much to say about these ice creams apart from they are the best and my summer go to ice cream.

My music favourite of the month is definitely 'Best Song Ever by One Direction.' It's a very catchy and good song, plus I love the music video. I imagine most of you have listened or watched the music video to this song because it has over 74 million views. That is cray cray.

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