Monday, 19 August 2013

♥ 25 facts about me ♥

Time for some bonding time, you won't be finding everything out about me but you will be finding out 25 fun facts about me.

1) I'm a shy person with people I haven't met before but once I'm comfortable around you some people would say I'm erm, crazy?
2) I'm addicted to twitter (follow me, @twerks4luke)
3) costa is my FAVOURITE place ever.
4) I have anxiety quite bad..
5) social situations where I don't exactly know everyone scare me.
6) I love listening to peoples problems and helping them out
7) I want to go to Disney land before I'm 18.
8) I have two Chihuahuas and two fish.
9) I love all my best friends
10) I used to have a YouTube channel when I was like 11 and I used to sing on it, no-one but my best friend  Demi knew about me. It's gone now, deleted. So embarrassing.
11) I've wanted to start this whole blogging thing for ages now but only just plucked up the confidence to start one.
12) I'm a very fussy eater, but I am getting better
13) In 9 days I'm going on holiday to turkey with one of my best friends and my family YAY.
14) I bruise like a peach, at this moment in time I have a big green bruise on my leg and two bruises on each arm. Don't ask my how they got there.
15) I want to go to America just to eat all their food that we don't have here.
16) I would love to move to Australia or America one day.
17) I'm obsessed with the Janoskians. YouTube them they will make your day seriously. Love them so much. ( that's why my twitter name isn't my actual name)
18) I don't like going to concerts because of my anxiety but I'm going to start pushing my self to go because I the atmosphere is so good at concerts especially v festival.
19) I've had a best friend since I was 2 (don't know if she wants to be mentioned but she is ok) her names Demi and she pushed me to do so many things I wouldn't have done otherwise. She's changed me as a person but for the better.
20) I like Disney channel still and I'm nearly 15.
21) I never ever know what to ask for my birthday and Christmas. But I don't like surprises so do you see my problem?
22) I have a phobia of moths, there's an actual thing for it. It's called Mottephobia. I have it real bad.
23) I have no talents, like at all.
24) I love flying and that's what I'm most looking forward to when I go in holiday.
25) I can't wait to have my own house and family and learn how to drive. It sounds weird but yeah I can't wait.

I hope you guys enjoyed and learnt something about me. Might make
Reading my blog posts a little bit more interesting.
Love you all who's read this, means so much x 

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  1. Aw, thankyou for the kind words,that was really sweet & put a smile on my face :)

    I've followed you :)

    -Demi x x x